Sunday, September 19, 2010

Costume Ideas For Muck-up Day

Muck-up day is a well-known tradition in secondary schools, although only some schools are lucky enough to still have this celebration. Muck-up Day varies in many schools, but what we typically do on the day is dress up in costumes and we pretty much have the right to go crazy except we can't go injuring or killing someone with projectile 'weapons' for clearly obvious reasons. In my school, we can use waterguns and shaving cream and anything else that's safe. Sadly, eggs are not allowed.

Anyway, right now I'm lost in choosing what costume to wear on muck-up day. So, I made a huge list of ideas. Anyone is free to add some more ideas. Oh, I catagorised some costumes (eg. Disney, Final Fantasy) since I didn't want to list out ALL the characters.

Costume Idea List

1. Witch
2. Nurse
3. Cat woman
4. Pirate
5. Cowboy
6. Fallen Angel
7. Heaven's Angel
8. Devil
9. Zombie
10. Mummy
11. Vampire
12. Maid
13. Warrior
14. Assasin
15. Ninja
16. Gunman
17. Clown
18. An animal/beast of some sort
19. Disney character
20. Princess
21. Fairy
22. Superman/woman
23. Cleopatra
24. Playboy Bunny
25. Alice in Wonderland Characters
26. Cop
27. Army Soldier
28. Prisoner
29. Victorian Era Dress
30. Mermaid
31. Santa
32. Robot
33. Skeleton
34. Final Fantasy Characters
35. Sherlock Holmes
36. The Reaper
37. Ghost
38. Medusa
39. Nerd
40. Barbie
41. Circus character (eg. ringmaster)
42. Famous singer
43. The Joker
44. Gothic/Lolita Dress
45. American Indian
46. M&Ms
47. Sesame Street (eg. Elmo, Big Bird)
48. Hawaiin Hula Dancers
49. Rock Star
50. Cheerleader
51. Mad scientist
52. Corpse Bride
53. Frankenstein
54. Little Red Riding Hodd
55. Alien
56. Samurai
57. Zorro
58. Baby
59. Looney Tunes characters
60. Mario-related characters
61. Scream guy
62. Saloon girl
63. Knight
64. Nun/Priest
65. Cherubs
66. Elf


  1. Haha. It'd be fun to be a zombie.

    I quite like the idea of Victorian era (it reminds me of Kuroshitsuji clothes xD which I think looks awesome). I wanted to wear the pink Ciel dress since I thought it looked pretty. Although considering how people will be throwing shaving cream and spraying me with would be unwise to wear something that's too pretty (><").

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