Friday, August 20, 2010

Kuroshitsuji II ~ Episode 8: Claude, You Traitor!

Apologies for the late post again. School really pressured me this week.

Ending 2

Kalafina - Kagayaku Sora No Shijima Ni Wa

I really like the song in the sense that it fits into the series well, especially after this episode. It's quite different to Lacrimosa, I think it's more melancholic. I think I like the Ciel art more since it was pretty and detailed. But the subtle animation with Alois was good too, although I think it may have been better if they did better looking shots of Alois (they look a little the same). I like how the animation ended though.

~Story Synopsis~

Alois wakes up and finds himself on his bed with bandages around his wound. Before Hannah could change his bandages, Alois chokes her and tells her that he wants Claude to do it. As Claude changes the banadages, Alois asks if Claude still wants to devour him. Claude acts as if the thought just crossed his mind, and smiles. Alois is shocked by his smile and finds it disgusting. Afterwards, Alois pushes Hannah to the ground and with a face full of tears, he asks her to take him to Ciel. On the carriage, Alois looks out the window and begins remembering his past.

Alois and his brother, Luka Macken, robs an elderly couple and return to their shelter. Unfortunately, they find nothing but medicine. It turns out that Alois's real name is 'Jim Macken'. Jim notices a bruise on Luka's head which was from how the old man threw a rock at him. Jim becomes enraged and starts wishing that everyone should die . He holds a grudge against the people aruond him as after his parents died, the villagers simply bullied the boys.

Later on, the two fetch some water and discover corspes in the river. In turns out that their village was in flames and everyone they knew died. Jim and Luka are joyful at the fact that the people who used to always treated them badly are now all gone. Jim tells Luka that they should split up and steal from the corpses. When Jim looks for Luka, he finds him lying lifelessly on the ground. Jim screams in despair as he realises his brother is dead.

Jim, along with other boys are brought to the Trancy manor where it's revealed that Trancy is a pedophile. When Trancy inspects the boys, he rejects Jim as he thinks he looks filthy. Jim overhears a boy who mentions how he knows a spell that summons fairies which grant wishes. In his dreams, Jim uses the spell and summons Claude, however they do not make a contract because Jim does not yet know what he wants since he's lost everything. After the dream, Jim begins to 'seduce' Trancy so that he can be accepted and won't be disposed of.

After a time gap, we find Jim now as Alois Trancy, and also talking with Claude inside the Trancy manor. Claude explains to Alois that Sebastian is a demon who destroyed the village and also killed his brother. Alois then orders Claude to bring Ciel to him. After Trancy's funeral, Alois gets Claude to release the boys and also deal with Alois's inheritance. Claude asks why Alois didn't simply ask him to destroy Sebastian so Alois replies that killing him isn't enough hence he will take Ciel give Sebastian a pain worse than death.

In present time, Alois carriage is ambushed by Greil who is here to collect Alois's soul. Although Grell mentions that there's something wrong with Alois's soul. Alois orders Hannah (who is actually a demon) to kill Grell and so the two of them battle it out. As Alois struggles to crawl out of danger, a brief flashback occurs where he is seen throwing water at Claude. He tells Claude he hates it when he says 'Yes, your highness' since that's what his brother used to say, however when Claude leaves, Alois asks him to say it again. Back in present time, Alois crawls and sits under a tree and is about to be attacked by a wolf. Claude rescues him and Alois tells Claude that he only desires him and that he is his 'Highness'. Claude then kills Alois and takes his ring. He says that he doesn't crave for souls who would give love to a butler such as himself, although he adds that he will always be by his master's side. He thinks that there is still a use to Alois and puts Alois's ring in his pocket. Grell arrives at the scene and realises he can't take Alois soul and does not bother trying to get it.

When Claude leaves, Hannah comes and sits on Alois's dead body. She states that she is giving her master what he wants and presses her face onto his (not sure what she's doing).



Wow,, they actually killed off one of the main characters (again). I have a feeling some people are going to drop the show at this point since Alois is gone (a lot of people love him it seems). But really, what's the point dropping the series when Alois's soul is still existent. It's possible Alois could make a return like Ciel did.

Anyway, Alois past was disturbing and interesting and depressing. I can completely understand why he's so unstable. It turns out his name is actually 'Jim Macken' and that 'friend' he knew was actually his brother, Luka. I'm also surprised that Alois suddenly started seducing Trancy. I think he realised what he wanted to do and so in order to prevent being 'disposed of' he tried to gain Trancy's favour in him so that he will eventually take over Trnacy's inheritance. Although I wonder how he managed to do that. Also, I'm sure that it is after the 'bed scene' that Alois decided to make a contract with Claude.

I guess we can be a little more sympathetic to Alois after understanding his past. His attachment to Claude is also understandable, but it's obvious Claude doesn't like it. Or maybe he does? The end where he 'killed' Alois confused me a little bit. He said that 'a soul that can give love to a mere butler cannot please his appetite' then he says that he will always be by Alois's side. When I heard the first line, I assumed he meant Alois's soul doesn't please him. But then he said he would always be by his side so that just contradicts what he said before. I wonder if that's just mistranslation. Or when he said that line it meant that he will still be with his master since he put Alois's soul in the ring (which he would now carry with him).

Claude's actions really are questionable. To me, I think he is still serving his master. As I mentioned in last post. To complete his contract, his master must die so that Ciel can have his revenge. Maybe, Claude makes it appear that Alois is dead (Alois is physically dead, but they still have his soul, so it's possible to revive him again) and then gives Ciel the ring, or force him to wear it. When he wears the ring, Alois's soul would take over Ciel's body (explains Ciel looking crazy in the preview). With this, Sebastian can't do anything to Alois because he's in Ciel's body. Thus, Claude and Alois can complete their contract. But of course, if Alois takes over, he would remember that Claude killed him so things may get messy there. There is also a question whether Alois may be revived again as long as they still have his body. Hannah may have healed his body at the end, but I honestly can't be sure if that's really what she's doing. She also seemed like she was picking his eye out (revenge perhaps) so that's why I have doubts about her. There's plenty of gaps in this theory and I'd be glad if someone have other theories about what will happen next.

Another theory would be that Claude is screwing Alois over. It could be that he wants both Alois's and Ciel's soul, but he probably considers Alois as a side dish. Although, I think Claude might have a underlying intention. He told ALois that Sebastian killed his brother, but we can't be sure if that's true. For one thing, why would Sebastian do that? And if Claude is lying, then why would he lie about that for? Or maybe Claude was simply obeying his master's commands (give Alois information about who killed his brother).

Last note, Hannah is finally revealed as a demon! Doesn't explain why she doesn't have her eye back though since every other demon seems to be fine even after losing an arm or having a spear shot through their head. Ah well, things can't be perfect. But the fact that she's a demon allows us to understand why Alois hates her so much. It was a demon who killed his brother after all. Strange how he's mostly aggressive to Hannah though (sexist little brat).

That is all, the next episode airs today and I'll hopefully get next post up by tomorrow or Saturday.

Lalarhs Out!~


  1. You know, Lala, this episode really stunned me, i was like '...whoa, isn't that a treason or what?!' . But then I came by your blog and you made me think a bit.
    I think your theory about murdered Alois is correct - that's the only way he can actually get his revenge on Sebastian. But Hannah puzzles me extremely - she got quite a lot of attention, which isn't normal. I wonder what she did to Alois' body at the end, when her hair and clothes fly up.
    Also, as a side note, is it only me or does the demons' contract between them seems fishy to you too? I couldn't and still can't get it. It's a bit absurd.
    As a general, I dislike Alois, but overall his presence has added to the darkness of the series- up until now I thought the anime a lot more lighthearted than the manga. (my opinion only, it seems.) And why did he poke Hannah's eye out?! And who are the triplets? And what will Sebby do?!
    ^#^ forgive the longishness. Can't wait for the new episode!
    ~ Elusive

  2. I don't really understand the demon's contract aswell. Apparently Claude promised to be the 'revenge target' in exchange for Ciel, so that Sebastian can have Ciel obtain his revenge. However, I just can't understand why Sebastian would agree to hand Ciel over.

    I also agree the manga is much darker (hence, I like it better), but thanks to Alois, this season has been quite interesting and fun to watch.