Monday, March 30, 2009

Kuroshitsuji DS Game: Phantom & Ghost

DS anyone?

Haha I was debating over which pic (this or the above one) to put first. Ended up putting them both xD.

KYAA!!~~ I so want this game! Even more than I want the VK one (><"). I heard there's an emulator for DS so I'll just dl that and the game and play it on my computer (^__^). Haha but I won't know what the hell the characters would be saying (><"). I think I'lll just like screencap every dialogue scene and give it to Grub and Dwag0ns to translate for me xD LoLs. But before I can even do that I have to wait 2 more days for my bandwidth to recover. Two more long...LoLs (><").

Anyways, I heard of the Kuroshitsuji DS game like ages ago but apparently it's just came out so I've been madly searching for screens and all sorts of other things related to it xD.

The in-game characters are actually all drawn by Yana. Which is very very nice (^__^). Why couldn't Hino do this for her VK DS game? Bleh, anyways..I wouldn't even mind if they used the anime designs for Kuroshitsuji game since I reckon both graphics look good anyway.

From what I've gathered, the game is a mystery/adventure game where the player can choose to play either as Sebastian or Ciel. Also, you need to be able to choose either of them at the right time in order to collect items and obtain a 'good' ending for the game. Hmmm....mystery game, I like (^__^).

Haha I thought the game might be another jap dating sim although I knew it was impossible for it to be one. But it's hilarious when you think there might be a yaoi dating sim where you can be Greil and he can just go yaoi crazy over all the Kuro characters (especially at Sebastian LOL). *Sighs* althuogh it saddens me that Greil isn't in the game (T__T)~~.

Here's the trailer for the game for anyone interested in watching. The first few seconds of it are scenes from the anime and the others are just some stuff from the game. LOL Tanaka randomly does his 'Ho Ho Ho' in the middle of the trailer xD.

Here's some random pictures I've found on the game. Also note that the guy with grey hair and girl with orangey hair and green eyes are both original characters. So they're not in the manga or the anime. But maybe they will appear in the manga someday. You never know (^__^). Oh and Ciel looks awesome in his 'Scotland Yard-looking' clothes xD.

Click on these pics to see a bigger pic (^__^)

LOL at their facial expressions xD. Makes me wonder what they've seen. Hehe Grub can translate dialogue for me. Right Grub? (^__^).

Blehs couldn't find anymore pics for the Kuroshitsuji game (T__T). I think it's because it's just been released too recently (><"). Oh yeah I heard that you can buy a limited edition of the game and receive some extra Kuroshitsuji-related merchandise with it

What you can get from the limited edition game:
- DS jacket illustrated by Toboso Yana
- Phantomhive House crest signet ring
- Phantomhive stationery set
- stick of Phantomhive House signet ring wax
- Phantomhive cellphone cleaner strap

I'm wondering what person would use the wax for (O__O). Actually, what the hell is it in the first place?! Anyways, I'd like the cellphone strap (if it looks cute ^^) and the DS jacket (even though I don't own a DS LOL). I'll show what the stuff looks like next post and possibly some other Kuroshitsuji merchandise aswell (^__^).

Well, since I'm like really into Kuroshitsuji at the moment for some reason, expect loads of Kuroshitsuji posts for the next few days (^__^). Posts will include: DS Game Screens/Info, Fanbook, Drama CD, DVD covers, Kuroshitsuji merchandise, Kuroshitsuji cosplay and tons of more stuff (^__^).

BWAHAHAHAHA!!!! **Lalarhs goes off on a Kuroshitsuji craze xD)


  1. LOL, you've been posting about kuro lately haven't you...bah! I cbs doing homework. How about I translate and in exchange you do my homework?

    I haven't looked at the dialogue properly yet, but I see "tanaka and the group". BWAHAH!

  2. Ah, the wax would be sealing wax - you melt, place on the back of an envelope to seal it closed and before it's dried and hardened you could use the crest ring to imprint the phantomhive crest on the wax.

    Hope I helped ^^

  3. Ohhhh so that's what it's used interesting. Thanks for telling me ^^.

  4. I want to download the game.. Black Butler: Phantom & Ghost..
    do you have the link of the web? so that I could download it freely..
    thx.. ^^

  5. Why sure! Here's the link:

    Hopefully the link still works, if it doesn't I'll upload my one and link you to it (^__^).

    Say thank you lalarhs~ xP.

    Oh! If you're able to get a good ending for the game, tell me how to get it aswell (^_^).

  6. thx for the link.. ^^
    btw, I'm the anonymous.. hehe.=P

    i've downloaded it..

    but, is there only in japanese language? coz i can't understand it at all.. --a
    hope there's one which already translated in english.. haha..

  7. It's sad but this game will probably never be translated into English. But we can always hope(><"). You can still try playing it without understanding anything though (like I did).

  8. Hi, that expression of sebastian's an Ciel's is actually Sebastian being depressed since the servants OFCOURSE made a mess of the mansion, again.

    Mayumiko. Love Kuroshitsuji

  9. Gah, I kept getting a bad ending because I didn't understand any of it, and it's probably not going to be released in english... -_-...

  10. konnichiwaa,, it's japan version!! can you speak japanese? i'm one of kuroshitsuji's fan.. (or a.k.a black butler) hehe..

  11. Nice to have another Kuroshitsuji fan xD

    No, I can't speak Jap, nor can I read or write in Jap. Although my listening is pretty good considering I never studied Jap before. Guess that's thanks to animes, jdrama and jpop XD.

  12. waaa Thank you so much +*0* I wanna play it! :D

    Thanks for share information! :3

  13. For God's Sake! I want it! I want it! I have a DS!!! >___<
    Well, thanks for telling me of the game, I'm a big fan of Kuroshitsuji, but I live in Brazil, so I never hear a word of that game. And, oh! Nice to meet you^^

  14. No probs! It's nice to meet you aswell (^_^)

  15. ah! a not found that games at ndsdl, but want download the games...

  16. ;A; The link doesn't work for me. Could you please upload it for me? Thank you! >o<


    Here you go! =]

    Hopefully the link and file works.

  18. Hello, there!
    See, I loved your post and I downloaded the game, but my computer can't figure out what sistem to use to run the game, and I clicked every single button...
    Do I need some sort of program to open it?
    Could you please, help me?
    Kisses & cookies,

  19. Yes, you need a DS Emulator program to play it or you can use a DS (if you have one).

    There's a few emulators you can download from here: They're on the left bar.I can't remember which one worked so you should try all of them.

    Should note that the sound on the emulator isn't very good though. Some emulators may lag too.

    Hope it helps.

  20. Thank you all, I can play it, omg ;w;

  21. :D I went to google and searched up Black Butler: Phantom and Ghost and... well... this came up! O.o I know this is.. awkwardly late, but is there any possible way I can try getting the game as well? I barely finished Season 2 today and I'm hoping that since I'm done with everything, I can try the game as well. :D Arigatou gozaimasu~

  22. I wouldn't even mind if they used the anime designs for Kuroshitsuji game since I reckon both graphics look good anyway.

  23. @Anon:

    Some reason the download link I posted in a previous comment doesn't work anymore..I guess I'd have to upload it again. Unfortunately, I'm overseas at the moment and can't upload it. So, for the time being, I can suggest you to download from this link:,g/3557-Kuroshitsuji-Phantom-Ghost-JP-Caravan.html

    If it doesn't work, try searching on that website.

    Hope it helps ^^.

  24. sorry for the bothering .. but can you PLEEEEEASE upload the game again in Mediafire coz megaupload doesn't work in my city TTOTT .... PLZ .... thank you

  25. Does anyone ever thing that an english version will be release? I've never seen this type of game in english...but I would love to play it. Darn.

  26. I hope not. Unless Square Enix themselves are doing the translations, and the voices (if the game has them) then I rather they never make an english version. The dub was just dead awful, and I can't wait until the petition is made to force them to recast it.

    Oh, and the game is yaoi. There is an ending (well a couple of endings but I am talking about this one only) called the Sebastian ending (which can be viewed on Youtube the last time I checked) which shows some lovely lemony scenes between Ciel and Sebastian.. Graphic to. 'licks lips' I also saw a picture ( a couple) on where Ciel is tied up and blind-folded by Sebastian with his night shirt almost off, and Sebastian doing some suggestive touches. I guess this is why it is called the Doujinshi game.

    P.S: Does anyone know where I can buy (import) this game?

    (Sorry if this comes up twice, the comment thing didn't seem to work yesterday when I tried.)

  27. if you can import this game, will it work with the DSi?? from america?

  28. I'm not entirely sure but if I were to guess it should be able to play. But first I have to find out where I can import it at. Maybe Square Enix's site.. or somewhere else.

    (Sorry again if this comes up twice.. the comment box doesn't like me)

  29. Awesome. ^^

    A question, seeing as I'm posting in 2011, is there a translated-to-English version fo this game?
    I really hope there is. And hi-five all you Kuroshitsuji fans!
    So is there an English version? *Fingers crossed*
    And if there is, can you give me a download link?

  30. T_T. I want that game sooo bad!!!!!!
    Too bad, my parents don't approve of Kuroshitsuji...
    And there's probably a 5% possibility for the english translation...

  31. Hello again... this time I have a question:


  32. Depends on your maturity level if you can handle blood murders and slightly suggestive themes then ur good. If you watch the subs yu wont have to worry bout ur parents hearing a few cuss wordz :p otherwise ITS THE BEST ANIME EVAR!!!!!

  33. so sad 2012 is here, and still they have never made another version besides JP. I would love to get to play a game like this. It depresses me that so many good anime related and other games never get translated for other countries.

  34. a fan, somehow, made by herself the translation for Thai T.T i don't know speak Thai ¬¬'

  35. YAY
    I finished this video game a long time ago
    However there is a way to revert it to a English translation
    I don't remember what website I used to get this system
    But it's a system to take Japanese ROM video games and put it in whatever language you speak in this case most pefer on the English Translation
    As someone who only speaks English
    I was trilled to have this put in English for me
    The story is great to in my opinion
    I love that you can decide what you want to say
    It makes it more fun that way